Three Sixty

Three Sixty - Living the goodlife.

Diamond filtrated Vodka

Diamond Three Sixty
Three Sixty Vodka - Brillantes Ergebnis
Three Sixty Vodka - Grandioser Inhalt
Three Sixty Vodka - Stilvolle Exklusität

Stylish Exclusiveness

Optical extra class: with striking facet-cut-bottle and noble black-velvet-label.

Grandiose Content

Premium quality: best european grain, no allergens, gluten free and vegan.

Brilliant Result

Pure pleasure: with refinement by diamondcrystal-dust to a unique velvety and mild taste.

Diamant Three Sixty

Premium Mixes

Premium Mixes Three Sixty

With the pre-mixed long drinks, every occasion becomes a taste experience: simple and uncomplicated – directly ready to drink!



Three Sixty Vodka Drinks

Our all time favorites – perfected for you

THREE SIXTY VODKA is not only convincing when enjoyed pure. Its mild taste forms the perfect basis for various cocktail and long drink variations. Whether fruity, sweet or sour: our exquisite signature-drinks have something for every taste!

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Three Sixty Vodka is your shining companion for unique moments

Tasteful exclusivity extracted in a unique diamond-filtraYon-process. Our four times distilled premium vodka impresses with a mild, elegantly-smooth taste that shines every night – cheers!